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Selected for its fine soft leaves, Hummer tall fescue with MaxP® endophyte brings a new dimension to productivity and persistence for summer active grasses making it ideal for all your dairy, beef and sheep grazing needs.

  • High quality summer active tall fescue
  • Fine, plalatable leaf encourages greater utilisation by stock
  • Contains MaxP® endophyte for improved persistence and significant yield advantages
  • High tiller density from the base of the plant, reducing clumping
  • Ideal for hot summer environments with moisture 

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Cocksfoot is well known for its drought tolerance, ability to tolerate lower fertility soils and many insect pests. Savvy retains all these features, while adding much greater animal acceptability which many older cocksfoot varieties lack.

  • Very high yielding cocksfoot providing high production levels in all seasons
  • Low aftermath heading and soft leaves helping to maintain palatability and quality in summer
  • Savvy was bred for high disease tolerance 
  • Replacement for Kara cocksfoot

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Tonic plantain is a mineral rich perennial grazing herb. Tonic provides opportunities for sheep, beef and dairy farmers to improve production and performance and also supports a high level of animal health.

  • Valuable year-round production
  • Source of key minerals
  • Strong cool season growth
  • Degree of drought tolerance due to coarse deep root system
  • Suits a wide range of environments and soil condtions


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Knight is Agricom's latest diploid Italian ryegrass which was selected for rapid establishment and high autumn and winter yields. Knight is also shown to have better persistence and lower aftermath seed heads in comparison to other commercially available diploid cultivars.

  • Fast establishing diploid Italian ryegrass
  • Strong autumn and winter yields
  • Good tolerance to rust 
  • Late flowering, 19 days later than Nui
  • Good second year production in favourable seasons
  • Ideal for late high-quality silage and hay production

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