Lawn Seeds

All Purpose Repair Blend

An economical blend for all repairs and over seeding Can be used on sports grounds for winter colour and cover Perfect for large areas where lower cost is important

Desert Lawn Blend

Extremely durable and drought tolerant blend with attractive dark colourings  Can be used on sports grounds for large ball sports eg. football Also for lawns in areas where shade prohibits couch or kikuyu growth Very attractive dark green coloured Both practical and aesthetically pleasing Contents by count: Turf type fescue (includes 2 varieties) 90% Chewings fescue 5% Creeping red fescue 5%

Fine & Quick Lawn Blend

Fine textured with dark green colouring Quick establishment and fast coverage A blend of fine ryegrass and fescue to give good winter cover

Fine Lawn Mix

This blend consists of finer grasses and would be suited to the person who is willing to put in the extra time and attention into their lawn. The reward for this will be a beautiful lawn. It is of particular importance to maintain regular mowing of the fine lawn mix and to make sure that it doesn't get too long (e.g. 50mm).

Hardy Lawn Blend

Withstands wear and tear Fast establishing Nice thick lawn

Home Lawn Blend

Extremely durable mix suitable for non-irrigated areas Fast establishment Easy to grow and very practical

Oasis Lawn Blend

Saves water Requires minimal maintenance Tolerates wear and shade Maintains dark green colour

Oval Mix

Oval Mix is an ideal blend for country ovals that are unable to have irrigation applied all year round. The species in this blend are able to stand up to the toughest and wettest football season. It will also provide a nice green colour throughout the cricket season due to the couch grass within this blend.

Renovator Blend

Specially blended for autumn over seeding of couch or kikuyu sports grounds Durable and winter active for ovals that receive a lot of wear and tear Finely textured with dark green colouring Can also be used for prestige lawns where aesthetics are an important consideration Based on specialist fine leaf turf ryegrasses

Roadside Blend

A special mix of varieties that are bred for establishing quickly and for persistence Mix also combines varieties that are summer and winter active Ideal for areas that require a quick ground cover at any time of the year Extremely durable and drought tolerant

Shade Blend

Specifically selected for shaded areas of lawns, where shade prohibits the growth of couch or kikuyu

Shady Lawn Mix

Shady Lawn Mix is specifically designed for areas which are subject to shade and will perform well in these conditions. This mix has been trialled and it has shown that the species included will perform better in shaded areas. It is however important to remember that most shaded areas are caused by trees. The trees rob the soil of all of its goodness and nutrients. Therefore always be vigilant in applying fertiliser and moisture to these areas.

Sports Oval Blend

Economical blend for autumn oversowing or fast establishment on newly sown area Hard wearing blend for sports grounds Easily and quickly established Highly winter active mix to maintain cover on rugby fields and Autralian Rules ovals Improved wear and resistance from the addition of couch

SPS Wicket Mix

The SPS Wicket Mix is designed specifically for dryland cricket wickets. It has a combination of turf grasses that will withstand low mowing and plenty of wear and tear. The unique feature of this blend is its ability to repair quickly from heavy wear.

Tee Blend

Suited to over seeding couch and kikuyu tees Contains bluegrass and creeping red fescue to repair divots Very attractive colour and a fine texture Winter active for good cover in cool weather

Tee Mix

Use this mix for a nice fine and even golf tee. Will withstand close mowing.

Tennis Court Mix

This blend is designed for those who want a lovely grass tennis court. The species in this blend will handle all the wear and tear that a tennis court endures whilst maintaining its colour and appearance throughout the year.

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