SPS Tonic 'n' Winfred

High performance perennial pasture

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

8 kg/ha (500-650mm)

  • Winfred forage brassica provides high protein, highly digestible feed through summer, whilst allowing the establishment of Tonic plantain as the subsequent perennial stand
  • Reduces downtime period from a summer crop to an autumn/winter finishing pasture
  • No sowing costs in autumn
  • Provides high quality autumn/winter feed for autumn lambing enterprises or prime lamb finishing systems
  • Highly persistent pasture under a rotational grazing system

A blend of Tonic plantain sown with Winfred forage brassica as a cover crop. This blend provides a high quality pasture with a quick transition from a summer crop to an autumn/winter finishing pasture.

Optimum sowing time/rate:
- Spring: August - October 8kg/ha (500-650 mm)
- Autumn: March - April 10kg/ha (650 mm+)
Soil type: Wide range
Fertility requirement: Low-medium
Optimum first grazing: Wait for Winfred to mature approx 10-12 weeks

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