Tonic Plantain

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Tonic plantain is a valuable year-round grazing herb, providing strong cool season growth, key minerals as well as excellent dry matter production, particularly in drier, less fertile conditions. It is adaptable to a wide range of environments and soil conditions with a deep root system for added drought tolerance.

Tonic plantain is highly palatable and proves ideal for sheep, beef and dairy farmers in improving overall livestock production and performance.

Sowing rates:

  • 8-10kg/ha as a pure stand
  • 2-3 kg/ha in a perennial pasture mix
  • 4-5 kg/ha with chicory and clover as a specialist crop
  • 2-3 kg/ha in a lucerne stand
  • 6-8 kg/ha with 1-2 kg/ha of forage brassica as a subsequent perennial stand

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