Seed Treatment

AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds have been leading providers of seed treatment products to the Australian forage seed market for many years. During this time, a range of market leading products have been developed for brassica, grass, clover, lucerne and herbs. Each seed treatment is unique, containing a range of plant protection and growth enhancement additives such as insecticides, fungicides, trace elements, and micro-organisms, tailored to the specific type of seed. 

Applying a seed treatment to forage seed is a very effective plant protection tool, helping ensure seedling establishment and early plant development is maximised, so that a high producing pasture or forage crop can be achieved. The first four to six weeks after sowing is a critical stage in the life of a new plant as seedlings emerge and develop their plant structures. Seed treatment has a very important role to play during this period because it is during this time that seedlings are most at risk from external factors such as pest and disease pressure.

AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds markets its seed treatment products under three brands; SowEasy®, SowEasy Kickstart™ and Kickstart™. The seed treatment products are specific to a range of species but within that species they can be applied to all cultivars in the forage seed market. AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds also supply tropical products that have been Envirogro® treated.

Benefits of Seed Treatment Products

  • Helps reduce risk and protects an important on-farm investment
  • Helps maximise plant establishment, early plant development and forage yields
  • Excellent delivery tool for a range of plant protection and growth enhancement agents
  • Targeted protection against major insects and diseases during the first 4-6 weeks after sowing
  • Reduced environmental impact through very small chemical active ingredient loadings on the seed
  • Application of pesticides on the seed provides a simple and convenient means of plant protection
  • Reduces on-farm chemical handling
  • Compares very favourably with ‘broadacre’ pesticide applications in terms of cost per hectare


  • Temperate Grasses - Poncho® Plus
  • Brassicas* - Poncho® Plus/Gaucho® and broad spectrum fungicide
  • Herbs - Poncho® Plus and broad spectrum fungicide

With the successful release of Poncho® Plus insecticide (replacing Gaucho®) onto the market along with other available seed treatments, we released the Kickstart brand for all treated seed across a number of seed species. Kickstart treated seed consists of Poncho® Plus protecting seedlings for the critical period after germination from numerous biting and sucking insects. Poncho® Plus is a systemic insecticide and is quickly absorbed by the seed. This results in a rapid translocation to cotyledons and leaves, resulting in a strong anti-feeding action against predators.

* Kickstart Hunter forage brassica is Gaucho® treated (6 week withholding period for Gaucho®) due to Hunters optimum grazing time being 6-8 weeks after sowing. The other Kickstart™ treated brassica can have Poncho® Plus as this has a grazing withholding period of 8 weeks from sowing. This is why Hunter cannot be treated with Poncho® Plus.




  • Clover
  • Lucerne
  • Tropical Seed (species dependent)

SowEasy KickStart® combines the advantages of 'SowEasy' coated seed together with the 'KickStart' treatment to offer growers the advantages of 'ready to sow' seed. Kickstart systemic insecticidal seed treatment that is registered for use in a large number of crops that offers a broad spectrum of insecticidal activity. Lucerne and Sub Clover is also treated with a broad spectrum fungicide for protection against key fungal diseases.

  • Works from the moment the seed is planted
  • Protects each seedling during the vulnerable establishment stage
  • Even and faster emergence of plants allowing broadleaf weeds to be targeted earlier with selected herbicides
  • Coated seed allows for better seed flow during sowing
  • Weight buildup is dependent on the species



  • Tropical seed

The Envirogro® seed treatment process is a special cleaning and treatment process that removes the husk from the bare seed, leaving the caryopses. The caryopses is then cleaned and pelleted, this process includes adding insecticide and fertiliser to provide the seedling with improved success rates.

Envirogro® treated seed compared to bare seed:

Envirogro® benefits

  • Reduces weed seed and other waste material
  • Improves seed quality
  • Better seed flow during sowing
  • Treated with insecticide for increased insect protection
  • Treated with fertiliser to enhance seedling health

Bare Seed

  • Increased risk of weed seed contamination
  • Harder to calibrate seeding equipment
  • Higher rates of dormant and hard seed
  • Seed bridging in sowing equipment
  • Difficult to handle
  • Limited access to necessary nutrients at germination
  • Difficult to accurately match sowing rates to desired plant stand



  • Clovers
  • Legumes

SowEasy® is a seed treatment that provides small seedlings with a superior level of early plant protection. SowEasy® provides broad-spectrum during plant establishment. SowEasy® contains lime with rhizobia bacteria for increased seedling growth and nodulation in legumes. Lucerne is also treated with a broad spectrum fungicide for protection against key fungal diseases.

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