ASF - Code of Practice

Australian Seed Federation

At AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds we are very proud to be amongst the first group of companies in Australia to be accredited for the Australian Seed Federation (ASF) Code of Practice and you will see the logo on many of our products. Farmers and retailers see the logo as an indication that they can have confidence in that product.

The ASF Code of Practice was launched in August 1999 as a National Code of Practice for Seed Labelling and Marketing. All members of the ASF are bound to abide by the requirements of the Code of Practice.

The logo can only be used or applied by ASF members who have passed the necessary accreditation to be licensed to apply the logo to seed bags, labels and documentation. As part of the accreditation process companies must prove that they have quality systems in place to be able to abide by the rules of the Code of Practice, plus also have the necessary systems in place to trace all seed lines and thus be able to label according to the Code of Practice.

The main features of the Code of Practice are that false or untrue claims cannot be made about a variety. Similarly marketing or advertisements must not infer something that is not correct or is misleading. Comparison of varieties must be factual, fair and capable of substantiation.

A large part of the Code of Practice is to do with labelling of seed. In general every written statement made regarding a parcel of seed by a vendor, constitutes a warranty by the vendor that all particulars contained in the statement are true and correct.

All seed labelled under the Code of Practice logo must have current details available for that seed lot, and must be labelled accordingly. A Seed Testing Analysis Certificate must be made available for all seed on request.

The Code of Practice strives to ensure that consumers are provided with consistent and accurate information to enable them to make informed decisions about the suitability of seed for sowing.

At AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds our seed is treated according to industry guidelines and when you see the Code of Practice logo, rest assured you are purchasing a quality product.

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