One50, the proven perennial ryegrass

Simon Hunt, Stephen Pasture Seeds, Melbourne & Gippsland

One50, the proven perennial ryegrass

One50 perennial ryegrass is a leader in the late heading perennial ryegrass category. It is suitable for sheep, beef and dairy pastures in higher rainfall zones of over 700 mm plus or irrigation areas, and has been performing well on farm since its release.

One50 is available with three endophyte options, AR37, AR1 and Standard endophyte (SE).

AR37 novel endophyte provides protection for the plant from certain insect pests, such as root aphid, with minimal animal health impacts. For more information on AR37 endophyte visit

Why is One50 a proven perennial ryegrass you may ask?

There are several characteristics that One50 exhibits that has helped with its production and performance:

  • One50 has North West Spanish genetics in its breeding which helps give this cultivar good winter growth, compared to traditional European origin ryegrass, such as Victorian ryegrass, and even compared to other later heading ryegrasses that don’t have the same genetic origin
  • One50 is late heading and provides late season leafy pasture production well into the end of spring compared to earlier heading varieties that go reproductive earlier and run to head
  • Persistence which is enhanced when AR37 novel endophyte is present
  • Overall production, performance and disease resistance
  • In field performance

Here are several scenarios of where One50 has been used successfully over a number of years in different rainfall zones.

This producer had seen the performance of late heading varieties with AR37 at our trial sites, including the Leigh Creek site near Ballarat, with the farm consultant beef group he is a member of. He had previously been using traditional Victorian type ryegrasses.

A demonstration site was run at his property in conjunction with his local rural retail store and the benefits of extra winter production and late heading leafy growth stood out. The farmer has renovated his paddocks with One50 AR37 perennial ryegrass for the last 2 years.
One50 Trafalgar | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
Angus cows and calves grazing One50 AR37 perennial ryegrass near Trafalgar VIC

This producer was looking for advice on new pastures soon after One50 had been released, some 7 or 8 years ago. We suggested he try One50, which the farmer did, and on the back of performance of this variety on the original paddock virtually the whole farm has been sown to One50, with One50 AR37 being used in the more recent renovations.

This producer prefers to use the latest varieties and 5 to 6 years ago planted One50 perennial ryegrass in the paddock pictured. The photo was taken in October last year. The paddock is still persisting and performing well even after some hard summer grazing.
One50 Coldstream | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
One50 perennial ryegrass near Coldstream VIC

In this situation the farmer was having problems with pastures ‘pulling out' due to root aphid. One50 AR37 was suggested and sown as part of a mixed pasture and it has persisted for more than 4 years.
One50 Cann River | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
Four year old stand of One50 AR37 and white clover near Cann River VIC 

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