Top 5 new season cereal varieties

In the cereal and broadacre market we are often inundated with new options each season as varieties are bred for improved disease resistance, and to better suit different geographical areas and lengths of season.

With so much choice we have chosen our ‘top 5 season picks’ of these new release varieties.

Released this season Ilabo is a dual-purpose winter wheat suitable for grazing and grain production. It is the highest yielding alternative to EGA Wedgetail available. It is classified as AH (Australian Hard) in Victoria and South Australia and APH (Australian Prime Hard) in the NSW south eastern zone. With mid-winter maturity, it is 2-3 days quicker out of the ground than EGA Wedgetail. It has excellent resistance to stripe rust and good resistance to block point and stem rust.

We planted 40ha of Illabo under irrigation in the first week of May. On this we were able to run 1200 crossbred lambs for 4-5 weeks. The feed value of the Illabo was as good as, if not better than Wedgetail. Some of the lambs produced off the Illabo topped the market here in Forbes. In December we stripped 8 tonne of grain per ha. We were impressed with the variety and will be planting Illabo again.
Mark Green, Forbes NSW

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Illabo wheat | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
Illabo wheat
Bennett wheat | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
DS Bennett wheat

A high yielding, awnless winter wheat. DS Bennett is classified as ASW (Australian Standard Wheat) for south eastern (sth NSW) and southern zones. It is ideal for graze and grain or straight grain production. DS Bennett is suitable for sowing from mid-March and has an excellent disease package: MR-MS (moderately resistance – moderately susceptible) for YLS (yellow leaf spot), R (resistant) or MS for stripe rust depending on pathotype and region and MR-MS for stem rust.

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Vixen is an exceptionally high yielding, early to mid-maturing wheat. It currently has AH classification in southern (VIC/SA) and south-eastern (sthn NSW) zones. With similar yield potential to the current market benchmark Scepter, Vixen presents very strong higher-end yield opportunity and is ideally suited to sowing in mid-May. It has good stripe and stem rust resistance and is rated MR-MS for yellow leaf spot resistance. It is rated S for CCN (cereal cyst nematode) so will need to be managed with CCN resistant break crops.

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Vixen wheat | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
Vixen wheat
Sunprime wheat | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
Sunprime wheat

Classed as APH quality, Sunprime is an early-mid maturing plant, similar to Spitfire, Sunmate and LRPB Mustang. It is the highest yielding APH variety of this maturity group. Sunprime has the ability to maintain yield under tough conditions and has good RLN (root lesion nematode) tolerance (P.thornei). Plants are of medium height.

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Banks is a high yielding, mid-late maturing potential malting barley. The optimum sowing window for Banks barley is from the 25th of April through to the 15th of May and it is ideally suited to medium to high rainfall environments. With consistent stable yield performance, Banks also produces a low straw volume making it suitable for no-till farming systems. It has good net form net blotch resistance and good hectolitre weights. Banks’ earliest potential malt accreditation is March 2019.

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With production crops spread across a broad geographical area from Moree to Forbes, Deniliquin and Keith we have alleviated some of the weather-related risk and have good opening stocks of these varieties available.

Illabo, DS Bennett, Vixen, Sunprime and Banks are protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR). Any unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infringement under the Plant Breeders Rights (1994).

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