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Michael Grant, Stephen Pasture Seeds, Western Districts VIC

Successfully sowing a new pasture can be a challenge. Many aspects need to be considered including weather, timing of sowing, paddock preparation weed and pest control, sowing technique and fertiliser requirements.

Variety selection is also a significant aspect to consider for sowing to be a success. When neglected it can lead to poor establishment, and pastures that fail to reach expectation in terms of production, quality and longevity. Speaking to a local agronomist can mitigate some of these considerations as they can advise you on current certified varieties and which of these variety will best fit your farm system.
SPS Haymaker 700 pasture blend | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
SPS Haymaker 700 short-term blend, Derrinallum VIC 
MAXImiser Dryland Pasture Mix
MAXImiser Dryland Mix

In Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania we offer the SPS Signature Range® pasture blends. They have been a real success story for Stephen Pasture Seeds, since their inception around 15 years ago and are proven performers.

For the northern states of Queensland and New South Wales we offer the MAXImiser® range of Pasture Mixes that are available from AusWest Seeds.

The benefits of using a pre-blended pasture blend/mix, recommended for your local area include:

  • Optimum performance using high quality certified seed
  • Formulated to achieve the best possible outcome on farm
  • Varieties are chosen based on their performance in the field
  • Formulated by agronomists with access to a range of varieties to create a high performing mix, suitable for a range of conditions

David and Dirk Morrison have been using and selling the SPS Signature Range® pasture blends since their release, in particular the SPS short-term blends. The Morrison’s first used the SPS Haymaker 400 mm+ short-term blend and the Haymaker 700 mm+ short-term blend on their own farm and have been impressed with the performance ever since. “It’s easy to recommend these blends to our clients when we have used them successfully on our own farm” said David.

“A big part of the success of the Haymaker blends is you know only the best quality seed is used and they consistently perform well. This gives our clients peace of mind and real confidence that the blends will perform well year in year out” said David.

The SPS Haymaker 400 mm+ is a fast establishing, highly productive and early maturing annual pasture blend for winter grazing, silage and hay production. It has been formulated to perform in 400 mm+ annual rainfall environments. It can tolerate waterlogging in clay soils and can provide more crude protein than forage oats. This mix can also be grown in high rainfall areas and if the season permits can be cut early for silage with the option of spring sowing a summer crop, all in the one season. The annual clovers chosen match the maturity of the high quality annual ryegrasses to get maximum hay yields.

The SPS Haymaker 700 mm+ is a high quality, late maturing Italian ryegrass blend suited to annual rainfall environments of 700 mm+. Its winter production is exceptional with excellent recovery from grazing. Multiple grazing’s can be possible if sown early, creating premium quality feed prior to locking up for silage or hay production.

The Italian ryegrasses included in the Haymaker 700 mm+, Knight and Thumpa, are both extremely leafy varieties offering high quality late season growth. Also included are Viper Balansa, Shaftal and Arrotas arrowleaf annual clovers which are high yielding with a longer growing season, increasing both quality and quantity of hay produced. Due to its late heading characteristics, regrowth can occur from this mix post hay production given moisture availability.

With feed grain and hay prices at record high levels, now is the time to produce your own home-grown feed whether it be for dairy cows, beef cattle or sheep enterprises.

Blends and mixes are a great option to sow in the coming season. For more information on our SPS Signature Range® Blends and MAXImiser® Pasture Mixes follow the links below or contact your local Stephen Pasture Seeds or AusWest Seeds territory manager to find out the blend or mix best suited to your local area. 
SPS Haymaker 700 pasture blend | AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds
SPS Haymaker 700 at Derrinallum VIC 

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