New cool season Mohaka tetraploid hybrid ryegrass from DLF Seeds


Graziers in high rainfall zones or with access to irrigation will be keen to learn about a new high performing tetraploid ryegrass to be released by DLF Seeds this season.

In a series of demonstration sites across Tasmania and Victoria, Mohaka tetraploid hybrid ryegrass with AR37 endophyte has performed well, proving to be a very productive and leading cultivar.

Mohaka AR37 is a broad leaved, densely tillered tetraploid hybrid ryegrass with superior cool season productivity, due to its higher percentage of Italian ryegrass parentage.

The new variety will offer high quality feed for three to four years, thanks to the AR37 endophyte which gives it more persistence and protects against pasture insects such as root aphids, African black beetle and Argentine stem weevil larvae.


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