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Featured Summer Crops



Forage brassicas are an ideal tool in a pasture renovation programme as they help improve soil fertility, improve soil aeration and reduce weeds in subsequent new pastures. Brassicas are relatively inexpensive to establish,
given the large amount of quality feed grown.


With stock prices and dairy milk prices on the rise, it’s the perfect time to capitalise on these very good conditions. To maximise your returns, proving high quality forage is a must over the summer and early autumn months when pasture quality dramatically declines.





Mainstar forage brassica has now proven itself to be the leading forage brassica used by farmers. It’s highly palatable and high yielding leading to excellent live weight gains and milk production.



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You have a number of options to sow such as perennial herbs including Ecotain® environmental plantain and Choice chicory, which are becoming popular inclusions with forage brassica mixes. These provide balanced nutrition across a range of farming systems.


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Adding Ecotain® to dairy pastures can significantly increase milk production. Ecotain® improves palatability in spring and summer when grass goes reproductive, improving pasture utilisation. 



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If you are looking for lucerne options, good winter rains have provided excellent sub soil moisture creating a successful establishment environment for your lucerne plantings this spring. The Titan 5 lucerne offers new genetics to deliver optimum production for you farm. Here are the selection of our recommended summer forage and lucerne products. 



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Other spring sown options


How much summer forage crop do I need to plant? Our Forage Crop Calculator will help you estimate your 'feed needs'. Follow the questions, and the calculator will guide you on how much forage brassica crops you will need to plant for your dairy, beef or sheep, milk, or liveweight gains requirements. 

The Feed Crop Calculator tool is a guide only. If the options available aren’t suitable for your summer crop needs, contact your local Territory Manager for a customised seed solution.



Still not sure which variety is right for you? Try our Seed Selector. Start preparing for your summer crop with Seed Selector. Find your ideal seed today.


Every farm is different, which makes it hard to know what type of seed is right for your specific farming requirements. Seed Selector takes the guesswork out of it for you, providing a tailored seed solution to suit your farming system.


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