Social Terms

1. By participating in this competition or promotion advertised by PGG Wrightson Seeds (Australia) Pty Ltd trading as AusWest Seeds (AWS) or Stephen Pasture Seeds (SPS) on our website, Facebook page,Twitter and/or LinkedIn including liking or commenting on the competition or promotion or sharing the competition or promotion, entrants confirm that they accept and agree to these competition or promotion terms.
2. To enter a promotion or competition you must follow all instructions to enter correctly and within the stated time period.  
3. You can only enter a particular promotion or competition once unless otherwise stated.  
4. The promotion or competition entry closing and opening dates are specified on AWS & SPS website and the Competition Facebook post.  
5. AWS and SPS reserve the right to remove any entry from our website and/or the competition for any reason.
6. The winner(s) will be selected as specified by the Facebook promotion or competition.   The prize winner(s) will receive the prize that is advertised on the website and Facebook and promotion or competition post. AWS and SPS accept no responsibility or liability for any prize winner’s enjoyment of any prize or any other costs and expenses that may be incurred by the prize winner relating to the prize or winner’s enjoyment of that prize (including any travel related costs where relevant) and unless specified in the competition or promotion.
7. The prize is subject to availability and may differ to the prize shown. If the exact prize is not available, a prize to a similar value may be awarded instead. The prize does not include any charges associated with the connection or on-going use of the prize.
8. Winners will be announced through a public announcement to the AWS and SPS website and Facebook page and contacted by email, Facebook private message or phone.   However, if a winner cannot be reached within five working days, AWS and SPS may redraw a new prize winner without liability to any person. AWS and SPS reserve the right to contact the selected winners by other means. Prior to receiving the prizes, the winners may be required to show proof of identity, for example, their passport or driver’s license.
9. Accepting a prize constitutes a winner’s consent to be photographed and/or interviewed by AWS and SPS for AWS and SPS to use his or her name, city/town of residence, competition entry, photographs and/or interviews for competition or publicity purposes without compensation for an unlimited period. This includes on AWS and SPS website.   


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