Sheriff CL Plus

Mid season plant

Sowing Rate

80 - 100 kg/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation

  • Highest yielding APW+ Clearfield® Plus wheat in the southern zone (VIC/SA)
  • Exceptional yield stability demonstrated within long-term NVT MET
  • Mid-late maturity - can be sown approx. a week earlier than Chief CL Plus
  • Good yellow leaf spot resistance
  • MS for CCN - will need to be managed with CCN resistant break crops
  • Moderate plant height and good physical grain characteristics
  • Registered for label rates of Intervix® herbicide

+Sheriff CL Plus is currently classified as an APW in the southern zone (VIC/SA) and feed in south-eastern (sthn NSW) and northern zones (nthn NSW/QLD) 

Source: Intergrain

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