Fodder Beet

We are pleased to offer a range of fodder beet varieties from Agricom. Fodder beet is now widely used in New Zealand as a fodder crop to provide bulk late autumn and winter feed for all stock classes. The crop is in its infancy but the feeding and livestock performance is significantly greater than other forages. Agricom has aligned itself with the internationally recognised French beet company Florimond Desprez. As a market leader in fodder beet breeding, through their constant registration of new fodder beet cultivars in France, Florimond Desprez has provided a continual supply of new material for Agricom to evaluate every year in the search for varieties suitable to New Zealand and now Australian farming systems. The sowing rate of Agricom's fodder beet varieties is one box per hectare or 80,000 seeds per hectare precision sown. Fodder beet needs to be irrigated and strict close attention to paddock preparation and weed control is required to ensure success. Typically time to first grazing is 24-28 weeks. Undertaking accurate crop yield assessment as close as possible to grazing is essential. Transitioning stock successfully onto grazing fodder beet also plays a major part to success.

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