Fodder Beet

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

80,000 seeds/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation

  • True mono-germ cultivar
  • Larger bulb type
  • Low drymatter type (13-15%)
  • 60% of bulb above ground
  • Good resistance to bolting
  • Above ground colour: Red

Monro is a red coloured beet with a large more rounded bulb shape. It is suitable for in paddock grazing where it is readily acessible to the grazing animal.

Suggested sowing time: Late September to early November
Suggested sowing rate (seeds/ha):  80,000 grazing (Precision sown)
Time to first grazing:  Anytime after all herbicide grazing withholding periods are met.
Typically 24-28 weeks to reach yield potential
Number of potential grazings: 1
Potential yield (t DM/ha): Average = 18-22
Top = 30+
Bulb DM %  13-15%
Seed type:  True mono-germ
In-situ Grazing:  Very good option
Mechanical Harvesting:  Not suitable

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