BMR Octane

Forage Sorghum

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

3-5 kg/ha (marginal dryland)

Rainfall / Irrigation


In comparison to Pacific BMR, this variety is longer in maturity (stays vegetative for longer) and has better establishment under marginal moisture conditions. It also shows slightly better drymatter production.

Sowing rate:
Marginal Dryland 3-5 kg/ha
Good Dryland 5-10 kg/ha
Irrigation/Coastal 15-20 kg/ha

BMR Rocket, BMR Octane and BMR Fuel® have the BMR gene giving improved digestibility and palatability. The abbreviation BMR stands for Brand Mid Rib, and refers to the colour of the middle rib in the leaves. In non BMR sorghum the middle rib in the leaves is usually green or white.

Forage sorghums developed and bred to contain the BMR gene have less lignin and will be more digestible to stock. Having less lignin also means the plants are softer and easier to graze. The net outcome of all this is animal productivity can be increased from this type of forage.

Information sourced from Pacific Seeds.

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