Forage Sorghum

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

4-6 kg/ha (300-450mm rainfall)

Rainfall / Irrigation


A new sudan type hybrid showing excellent early vigor for farmers wanting quick, high quality feed for grazing. FeedEx has fine stems and leaves which also makes it suitable for hay producers. If grazed early at approximately 0.8-1 metres, a second grazing would be possible given the right conditions. Economically priced FeedEx is also an option in low rainfall areas that are considered marginal for sorghum. If late spring rain occurs then FeedEx is one of the quickest varieties to reach grazing height.

Sowing rate:
Dryland (300-450mm): 4-6 kg/ha
Good Dryland (450-650mm): 6-10 kg/ha
High Rainfall (650+mm): 15-25 kg/ha
Irrigation (800+mm): 25 kg/ha

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