Ecotain® Environmental Plantain

Ecotain® Environmental Plantain

Enterprise Type

Rainfall / Irrigation


Ecotain environmental plantain is a flexible perennial herb, which is widely adapted to many climates and soil types. It persists through hot summers and wet winters if it is not overgrazed in these conditions.

Ecotain® has erect growth and broad leaves enabling maximum intake per bite.

Ecotain® has a coarse fibrous root system which is very efficient at extracting nutrients, meaning Ecotain® can perform in a wide range of soil fertility.

Sowing rates:

  • 10-14kg/ha as a pure stand
  • 5 kg/ha in a perennial pasture mix
  • 4-6 kg/ha with chicory and clover as a specialist crop
  • 4 kg/ha in a lucerne stand
  • 8 kg/ha with 2 kg/ha of forage brassica

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