SPS Oasis Lawn Blend

Sowing Rate

1kg sows 20 square meteres

The Oasis (Watersaver) Lawn Blend is the newest in our range and was trialled and tested for three years before its released onto the lawn seed market. The turf fescue that is the predominant grass in this blend is deep rooted and drought tolerant. It has a very dark green colour and will tolerate wear and shade.

A rotary mower is recommended to achieve a minimum mowing height of 35mm. If this height is maintained the Oasis Lawn Blend will use less water than the average cool season varieties due to its deep rooted nature. Oasis Lawn Blend will also stay a very dark green colour requiring minimal maintenance. Fescue is slower to establish than ryegrass, so therefore allow a little extra time for establishment.



Lagertha/Currawong II Tall Fescue

Turf Type Fine Leaf Perennial Ryegrass

Creeping Red Fine Fescue

Sowing rate:

1kg sows 25 square m

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