Queensland Summer Horse Mix

Sowing Rate

20-30 kg/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation


This unique blend of tropical and temperate species combines high quality feed with persistence. The tropical grasses provide summer bulk and have been carefully selected for quality, while the temperate grasses provide quality winter feed. The addition of temperate and tropical legumes allows for year round quality and nitrogen production. This mix is ideal where long term persistence is

Soil type Wide range
Annual rainfall 550 mm+
Sowing rate 20-30 kg/ha
Fertility Medium-high
Persistence* 4 years+
Sowing time Autumn
Establishment Fast
 *Persistence will be influenced by a number of facts and is not guaranteed

Please note: All equine pastures MUST be rested throughout the year and should never be overgrazed during the summer period. Please refer to our Equine Mix brochure for more management tips.

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