AR37 Tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrass

Mohaka  AR37 Tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrass

Enterprise Type

Heading Date

Very-Late: +20 flowering date

Sowing Rate

25-35 kg/ha pure stand

Growing Season




Rainfall / Irrigation


This broad leaved, densely tillered tetraploid hybrid ryegrass has superior cool season productivity when compared to its predecessor, Ohau, due to its higher percentage of Italian ryegrass parentage.


Key features:

  • High quality tetraploid ryegrass
  • Better cool season growth than perennial ryegrass
  • More persistence than an Italian ryegrass
  • Very high rust tolerance
  • +20 flowering date providing high quality feed into late spring
  • Genuine oversowing option due to high establishment vigour
  • Insect protection provided by AR37 endophyte


Sowing rate:

25-35kg/ha pure stand
20-25kg/ha with clovers and herbs
15-20 kg/ha for oversowing





Heading date:




2-4 years



DLF Seeds Sales Agronomist, Michael Grant talks about Mohaka tetraploid hybrid ryegrass. A broad-leaved densely tillered tetraploid hybrid ryegrass, Mohaka has superior cool season productivity. Suiting a wide range of farming systems such as high-performance dairy platforms and lamb and beef fattening enterprises. For high-quality feed, plant Mohaka today.


In commercial trials, Mohaka has exhibited additional growth throughout the growing season compared to like types and with the AR37 endophyte, it is likely to persist through to a second or third season in most ryegrass environments. It has a strong geographic fit in Tasmania, southern Victoria, coastal South Australia and in the high rainfall tablelands zones in Southern NSW.


High quality feed into late spring


Mohaka has a wide range of farming system fits, as it can be used in high performance dairy platforms, lamb and beef fattening enterprises and will make great quality hay and silage. It has a +20 flowering date that will push quality late into the spring. Mohaka’s excellent rust tolerance and tiller density will see it become favoured over existing marketplace products. 


Genuine oversawing option


Mohaka can be used as a multiyear Italian ryegrass. It’s fast establishment and seedling vigour makes it a successful oversowing option into existing perennial ryegrass paddocks that are starting to thin. It fits into farms where a 2-4 year grass rotation is required and will be a great companion grass to Ecotain® environmental plantain, Choice chicory and Relish red clover.




Mohaka has shown better cool season growth compared to perennial ryegrass

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