Short term/Italian Ryegrass

Knight Short term/Italian Ryegrass

Enterprise Type

Heading Date

Mid-Late: 19 days later than Nui

Sowing Rate

20-25 kg/ha

Pasture Life

Short Rotation



Rainfall / Irrigation


Knight is a fast establishing Italian diploid ryegrass that yields outstanding growth and performance in all seasons. Knight stands and delivers during winter and summer when you need your paddocks to be working hardest. Ideal for grazing, hay and silage, Knight has good tolerance to rust and its reputation as a fast starter has gained a strong following with milk and meat producers throughout Australia.

Sowing rate:
20-25 kg/ha alone
10-20 kg/ha with clovers

Knight has been trialled and tested in Australia for a number of years and is a fast starter with high winter yields. In pasture systems winter feed is the most valuable feed, specially when home grown. Knight’s increased early growth means it provides more winter grazings which results in a better start to spring.

Knight produces more drymatter than most other short rotation ryegrasses. Persistence into and through a second year can occur in favourable seasons and is a key point for choosing Knight in a pasture program.

All Rounder

Knight is continuing to prove itself in Australian based replicated trials and on farm. Knight is a solid and consistent high yielder producing early season yield and spring yield when you need to conserve fodder (hay/silage).

More Quality Feed

Knight is a late heading cultivar with reduced aftermath heading which means it holds its late spring and summer feed quality in appropriate environments. This makes it ideal for hay and silage needs and responds well to late season conditions.


Optimally sown in autumn. Direct-drill or sow into cultivated seedbeds at 20-25kg/ha. Sow early for greater contribution during the autumn establishment period.

Seed Treatment

Knight is recommended to be Kickstart® treated. Kickstart® seed treatment protects new pasture sowings from pasture pests and diseases to help you reduce the risk of pasture losses during establishment. Kickstart® includes insecticide which helps protect emerging seedlings and your pasture investment.

Grazing Management

Recommended for rotational grazing. Graze when root system is sufficiently developed to minimise pulling by stock. Aim to regraze when ryegrass is at the 2 ½ to 3 leaf stage. Do not graze new regrowth (i.e. a maximum of 3 days on one area) as this will reduce regrowth rates.


Knight provides many options for it to be used including:

  • Quick winter feed-Hay/Silage option
  • Over sowing into thinned out pastures
  • As an one year grass extending the growing season
  • Used in a range or mixes including clovers and herbs
  • Two year productive grass in the right environment.

Second year Italian ryegrass

Knight was not only bred for winter growth and seasonal production, it was also bred for second year persistence. In regions where Italian ryegrasses can survive into the second year, Knight is a great choice for a two year Italian ryegrass stand.

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