Italian Ryegrass

Manta Italian Ryegrass

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

25kg/ha pure OR 20kg/ha with legume or herbs

Pasture Life

Short Rotation



Rainfall / Irrigation



Manta Italian ryegrass is the latest diploid Italian ryegrass genetics from Agricom. Manta has explosive establishment speed being the fastest starting material we have seen to date. This fast establishment allows farmers to plant with confidence, growing quick feed before winter sets in.


Manta has strong cool season growth with excellent spring yield, it's our highest yielding diploid Italian to date, meaning more grass grown for meat, milk and hay production. It has been commercialized based on Australian data for Australian conditions and will be versatile enough to perform across all temperate ryegrass regions in Australia.



Key features:

  • Very fast establishment speed
  • Strong cool season growth
  • Visually impressive, large leaf compared to other diploid Italians
  • Impressive spring growth
  • Late season high quality
  • 2nd year persistence in soft environments



Sowing rate:

25kg/ha pure OR 20kg/ha with legume or herbs





Heading date:




1 year (or 2 if very soft environment)


Best grazing practice:




Manta maintains a high proportion of leaf into late spring, meaning harvested ME and protein remains high when other grasses quality are declining. Manta’s plant architecture means it will perform well with companion species like Persian, balansa, red clover and chicory, providing farmers further opportunity to increase feed quality and diversity.


This visually impressive diploid ryegrass has a large wide leaf compared to previous Agricom diploids (Knight, Crusader, Warrior), but it maintains the tiller density of previous types, making it suitable for winter grazing conditions. A fast-starting Italian with a very late, high-quality finish gives farmers the best of both worlds.


Beef grazing on Manta Italian ryegrass in Cressy, Tasmania

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