Eastern Horse Mix

Sowing Rate

20-30 kg/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation


The eastern horse mix is perfectly suited to the equine industry due to the grass species in this blend having exceptional tolerance to hard grazing. The combination of prairie grass, a grazing brome and an early flowering perennial ryegrass offer a strong grass based pasture with quality feed spread through autumn, winter, spring and early summer. Lucerne, sub and white clover are also included in this blend to increase the overall quality. This blend is suited to free draining soils and will not tolerate low lying areas that are wet during winter. Care must be taken during the establishment phase of this pasture, particularly with the grazing brome.

Soil type Loams/sandy loam
Annual rainfall 550 mm+
Sowing rate 20-30 kg/ha
Fertility Medium
Persistence* 5 years+
Sowing time Early autumn
Establishment Medium
*Persistence will be influenced by a number of facts and is not guaranteed

Please note: All equine pastures MUST be rested throughout the year and should never be overgrazed during the summer period. Please refer to our Equine Mix brochure for more management tips.

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