SPS Equinewise® Tall Fescue Blend

Sowing Rate

30 kg/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation


The Tall Fescue Blend (summer active) is ideal for areas that have full irrigation or receive summer rainfall. This blend provides the opportunity to produce quality feed through the summer period, providing adequate moisture, whereas most other cooler season grasses cannot. Fescue has a very deep root structure therefore is slower to establish when compared with ryegrass. Particular attention must be taken at sowing to ensure success. Clover has been added to the blend to further improve quality. Hay production is also an option for this blend once established. This blend would suit any low lying paddocks that may be wet during winter.



Quantum II tall fescue
Palestine strawberry clover
White clover

Soil type Clay loams/heavy clays
Annual rainfall 650 mm+
Sowing rate 30 kg/ha
Fertility High
Persistence* 5 years+
Sowing time Early autumn/spring
Establishment Slow
 *Persistence will be influenced by a number of facts and is not guaranteed

Please note: All equine pastures MUST be rested throughout the year and should never be overgrazed during the summer period. Please refer to our Equine Mix brochure for more management tips.

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