SPS Forage Blend Plus

The summer crop that also fills the autumn gap

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

4-5 kg/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation

  • Boost overall production and diet quality
  • Multiple grazings and vigourous regrowth
  • Tolerant of dry conditions
  • Allows ryegrass to be direct drilled in the autumn extending production through to winter and spring

This blend provides variety in the diet, with greater mineral availability than a brassica crop alone. Both Ecotain® environmental plantain and Choice chicory are extremely pest tolerant and consistently produce high quality feed over multiple grazings. This blend is productive and persistent in dry periods, with rapid recovery when soil moisture improves.

Optimum sowing time: August - October, March - April (include 10 kg/ha Knight Italian ryegrass)
Soil type: wide range
Fertility requirements: Low-medium
Optimum first grazing: 10-12 weeks

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