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Ecotain® and clover mix is based on Ecotain plantain which is a mineral rich perennial grazing herb. Ecotain® is fast establishing and tolerant to a wide range of soils. This includes less fertile soils and especially dryland regions of approximately 600 mm rainfall. Ecotain® has a deep coarse root system, which gives it a degree of drought tolerance and the ability to respond quickly after summer dry conditions. Ecotain® pastures offer some great animal performance potential for sheep, beef and dairy farmers, particularly in winter and spring, as well as supporting a high level of animal health, reduced incidence of dags in sheep and good micronutrient supply. Pure stands of Ecotain® can be used during lambing to increase lamb and ewe weights at weaning.

The addition of sub and white clover increases the protein level of the pasture and also has the ability to fix nitrogen in the soil to enhance the Ecotain plantain's performance.



Ecotain® Plantain KS       

Coolamon Sub Clover SE/KS        

Riverina Sub Clover SE/KS

Nomad White Clover SE/KS


Sowing Rate:





Wide range / Medium Fert




3 – 5 (AWS Production)

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