SPS 'N' Jecter Premium Long Term Blend

Sowing Rate

8-12 kg/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation


SPS N Jecter Premium Long Term Blend can be used as a high quality legume crop for grazing, hay or silage production. High nitrogen fixation for subsequent crops increasing crop yields and grain protein (rule of thumb - every tonne of legume grown can fix approximately 25 kg of nitrogen below ground for subsequent crops) Used successfully as a disease break and to control annual grasses in a cropping rotation.



Titan 9 Lucerne

Riverina Sub Clover

Urana Sub Clover

Lusa Persian Clover

Arrotas Arrowleaf Clover


Sowing Rate: 

8-12 kg/ha


Rainfall Requirements: 



Soil Type: 

Medium Clay-Sandy Loams



3-5+ years 

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