SPS Silage Mix

Enterprise Type

  • Produces large quantities of quality silage
  • Suited to high rainfall areas
  • Ideal green manure crop improving soil structure



Carrick Oats

Field Peas           

Sowing rate:





Clay – Loam/ Med – High Fert


Grazing/cut 12-14 weeks

Specially formulated to produce large quantities of high protein and energy silage in intense dairying areas with an annual rainfall of 650 mm+. The advantage of the SPS Silage Mix is that it allows farmers to sow smaller paddocks late in the season (August-October) and still produce large amounts of quality silage at less cost compared to an autumn sown pasture. Potential tonnage can be nearly twice that of normal pasture given the right conditions.

The SPS Silage Mix takes approximately 12-14 weeks to mature and the best time to cut for optimum silage quantity is when the peas are at the flat pea pod stage of growth and the oat heads are still in the sheath. There is no regrowth after the silage is cut so a possible option is to follow up by sowing a regrowth brassica such as Hunter to provide summer and early autumn feed.

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