SPS Tonic 'n' Lucerne

High quality feed all year round

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

10 kg/ha (500-650mm)

Rainfall / Irrigation

  • The inclusion of Tonic plantain with lucerne provides increased autumn/winter activity when lucerne is predominately dormant, thus not affecting persistence
  • Lucerne has a high nitrogen fixation ability providing the nitrogen required for Tonic plantain
  • Tonic provides key minerals which benefit the animal, reducing animal health issues associated with grazing lucerne
  • High quality forage from the lucerne through spring/summer and autumn given the right conditions
  • Highly persistent under a rotational grazing system

A specialised blend containing two complementary grazing tolerant species, capable of supporting high animal performance.

Sowing rate: 10 kg/ha (500-650mm) - 12 kg/ha (650mm+)
Optimum sowing time: Spring: September - October. Autumn: March - April
Soil type: Sandy/loam
Fertility requirement: Medium-high
Optimum first grazing: 'Pull test' approx 10-12 weeks

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