SPS Winfred 'n' Millet

High quality summer/autumn feed

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

10 kg/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation

  • Excellent regrowth capabilities
  • Shirohie millet adds fibre to the diet reducing animal health issues associated with grazing forage brassicas
  • Provides better quality and variety in the diet than a stand alone millet crop
  • Shirohie millet is an ideal companion species to plant with Winfred forage brassica

A specially designed formulation of Winfred forage brassica and Shirohe millet, this blend is ideal for high quality feed with multiple grazings.

Optimum sowing time: October - December (soil needs to be 16 degrees and rising)
Soil type: Clay-loam
Fertility requirement: Low-medium
Optimum first grazing: 10-12 weeks

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