SPS Millet 'n' Herbs

The high quality, trouble free summer crop

Enterprise Type

Sowing Rate

15 kg/ha

Rainfall / Irrigation


This blend combines millet with chicory and white clover, increasing the quality of the crop and therefore animal performance over a stand alone millet crop. Shirohie millet has been a popular summer crop to sow over many years. It's fast to establish, is heat tolerant and can produce quick green feed during the summer depending on rainfall availability or irrigation.

  • Diamondback moth, cabbage moth and cabbage white butterfly resistant
  • Outstanding bulk summer feed with excellent regrowth even under hot conditions, given moisture availability
  • Provides a strong chicory and clover based pasture for ryegrass to be direct drilled the following autumn
  • Quick transition from summer crop to winter/spring pasture, minimising the downtime period from autumn sowing to grazing



Shirohie Millet   

Choice Chicory KS

Tribute White Clover KS               

Sowing rate:



700+ or irrigation


Clay – Loam / Med-High Fert


graze at 30-40cm high 




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