In the Ballarat trials Halo with AR37 and One50 with AR37 performed exceptionally well compared to other available perennials. Both Halo and One50 exhibited good overall production with strong winter growth making them ideal sowing options for farmers looking for high producing and high quality feed. 

In this 2011 trial Mach1 was shown to be a consistently high performer. 

Trial at Aberdeen in NSW show Mach1 to be a consistently high performer.

In trials Thumpa had quicker winter growth than the varieties Emmerson and Perun and higher total production. Thumpa also produced 4634 kgDM/ha more over Emmerson and 7624 kgDM/ha more growth than Perun.

Knight is continuing to prove itself in Australian based replicated trials and on farm. Knight is a solid and consistent high yielder producing early season yield and spring yield when you need to conserve food (hay/silage).

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