What we do

Two self made, family driven seed businesses came together to answer the question that drove them equally; how can we best help Aussie farmers solve their unique everyday problems.

 AusWest Seeds began as West Bros Seeds in the 1950's when the West brothers' family farming operation expanded into pasture seed production. Their initially modest seed cleaning operation and sales outlet blossomed into a trading, distribution and marketing business with connections throughout Australia.

Another family company, Stephen Pasture Seeds started in 1957, quickly earning a reputation of trust by providing unbiased advice to rural stores and farmers, becoming known as the most experienced team of pasture seed technical advisers in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

These two respected Australian farming businesses shared an essential vision and values in common; family, community and simply giving you access to some of the best seeds and advice farmers in Australia could ask for.

These proud family and community driven seed businesses joined forces, combining their wealth of knowledge and innovation, to establish the partnership of AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds you know today.

The most experienced, innovative and well equipped seed company in Australia to address the unique issues facing modern farmers.

Farmers are the lifeblood of a rural community and AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds recognises that they face some of their toughest problems, feeding a growing population with fewer resources.

Whether it is battling variable weather conditions, weed or disease pressure, we've been there before and understand the problems Australian farmers face.

All of our research, product development and production is driven by the goal of solving these problems and we are committed to helping farmers achieve the full potential of their crops, pastures and land.


Through extensive research and development we've learned that science, technology and education play an important role in a farmer's ability to prosper.

Our unique ability to respond to these issues lies in the fact that we don't just stock selected premium seed brands, we are involved in every step of the process; from the production of the seed itself, its cleaning and mixing to innovative seed coatings.

We run Australian, even state specific trials and blends, to give the best advice on how to plant with farmers and agronomists.

We're not just a distributor, but also a carrier of our own independent varieties that use technology to provide cutting edge, top-shelf seed solutions. This means we care about the process, the product, your pastures and animal performance from end to end.

That's how we solve the problems - we provide some of the finest genetics, seed coats, technologies, and advice in the world. And we get results. Just check out are trials or call up one of our friendly staff to discuss.

Importantly, we haven't lost focus on you, the farmer and stand by our "Seeds for all Seasons" philosophy. Offering the best advice and products, delivering independently selected seed options to suit all growing requirements. We offer flexible packaging and shipping arrangements to cater to any order request, no matter if it comes from a large corporate retailer or family owned store.

We care about farmers because we are farmers, we know the problems farmers face because we've faced them, and we know from experience with dedication and research that we can solve these everyday-farming problems and grow together.


While we can't control the weather, we take pride in what we can control. We want you to be able to trust the seeds you buy and sell, and know they will perform as expected.

Our commitment to "what's on the tag is in the bag" is supported by membership and hence compliance with the Australian Seed Federation (ASF) codes of practice for marketing and seed treatment. We are very proud to be amongst the first group of companies in Australia to have been accredited for the Australian Seed Federation (ASF) Code of Practice and you will see the logo on many of our products. Farmers and retailers see the logo as an indication that they can have confidence in the quality of the product they have purchased.

‚ÄčThe logo can only be used or applied by ASF members who have passed the necessary accreditation to be licensed to apply the logo to seed bags, labels and documentation. As part of the accreditation process, companies must prove that they have quality systems in place to be able to abide by the rules of the Code of Practice, plus also have the necessary systems in place to trace all seed lines and thus be able to label according to the Code of Practice.

AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds play an active part in the Australian seed industry, regularly contributing our depth of expertise and knowledge towards the production, marketing and trialling of new seeds across the country.

Our seed is treated according to industry guidelines and when you see the Code of Practice logo, rest assured you are purchasing a quality product. For more information, please contact us.


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